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I enjoy the contrast of opposites to compare extreme differemces that clash and refute each other and find no middle ground...

Satire tests a viewer's sense of values and balance, confidence and worth. A weak spirit harbors fear, a strong one welcomes questions of belief.

William Harrington sculpts with maple branches, old canoes, bicycle gears and metal tubes welded together with equal portions of whimsy and irony.

The Holliston resident’s special kind of sculpting incorporates a handyman’s mixed bag of skills including welding, woodworking, painting, staining and imagining.

The sculptures Harrington builds from unlikely materials will make you look twice — or more. You might ask how he made them and what they mean. Maybe you’ll shake your head. At the very least, you’ll smile. Possibly, you’ll laugh outright.

Read more: http://www.metrowestdailynews.com/news/x127281975/Holliston-artist-is-The-Shape-Shifter

Will's website is www.williamharringtonsculptor.com